Staff Bios

Born in the suburban whistle-stop of Fair Oaks, Cody Mauro was raised in Northern California amongst the oaken trees and rolling hills. He aspires to write for television. Currently residing in San Diego, he studies English at San Diego State and lives a life of mediocrity.

When not reading books, writing words, or scratching his brow to fine art, Cody may find himself watching football and baseball (which may lead to the death of him), or watching cable dramas such as Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones.

Mia Nilo was born and bred in Southern California and currently attends San Diego State University, pursuing a double major in Biology and English with aspirations in becoming a literary agent or urban fantasy novelist while doing research in remote parts of Alaska.

Between internships with NASA, reading, or studying during the school year, Mia also volunteers with a local K9 Search and Rescue team in San Diego and serves as a University Mentor.  She’s also an avid beach goer, self-proclaimed wine connoisseur, and can usually be found joining a new sport or training with a new weapon barely long enough to become proficient before moving on to something else.  Her current interests are in butterfly knife techniques and the book series of Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, Jim Butcher and many other urban fantasy writers.


Kristin Brann spent her early years on the East Coast, where she began her love affair with books, but has been happy to call San Diego home since 1993. She studies English at San Diego State University and lives a fantasy-filled life with her creative family (including her daughter’s imaginary friend and Kristin’s arch-nemesis, Monster Bear). Though Kristin prefers fiction, her professional life has also required reading Naval correspondence, directives, and reports for Cal/OSHA Consultation. Getting to read new fantasy novels, further expand her literary horizons, and share those discoveries is a dream come true.

Ashley Scarr was born with an uncontainable imagination, and an avid love for creativity. She is currently a student at San Diego State University with hopes of becoming a published author. She enjoys reading science-fiction and fantasy, and writing into the early hours of the morning. In her spare time she visits different planets, behaves irresponsibly with magic, and searches for the lost treasure of Guadnella.


Evan Fritzenkotter is a fifth year English Major at San Diego State University, a full-time employee at Costco Wholesale, and a San Diego native.  His passions include art, music, literature, NFL football, and swimming; or generally anything that gives him an opportunity to escape from reality and into the unreal.  While an avid reader and budding writer, this is his first dip into publishing and the world of fantasy and sci-fi literature.  In this literary journal, Evan hopes to give a fresh take on the two genres using witty, sarcastic humor but giving intellectual thoughtful responses.  His favorite authors include F. Scott Fitzgerald, Samuel Beckett, and Ayn Rand.  He’s positive that delving into this genre will reveal some new favorites as well.


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