Rating System

One should never judge a book by its cover, but busy lives in the real world demands brevity whenever it can be provided.  Rating on the basis of Plot, Characters, and Creativity as well as an overall “Unreal” rating, our Unreality rating system provides a review at a glance.



“Literary Magic”

Everything the author turns turns to gold. Characters come to life, the story is entrancing, the setting enchanting, and it liberates from reality as well as casts a new light on it through a new lense of verisimilitude.



“Cut above the Rest”

Much better than average.  An entertaining read with a developed plot and colorful characters and setting.  Well rounded, well crafted, and a champion amongst its peers.



“Dagger in the Dark”

Authors aren’t always assassins.  The novel that has good elements to it, either with interesting characters or a fascinating plot, but in the end the story either gets the kill or misses its mark by a hair.



“Hammered into Place”

All the components for a good story are there with solid character archetypes that work and a classic story arch, but isn’t particularly special.



“Hit and Miss”

Techniques and conventions that work in other novels were ineffective or not articulated well by this particular author.  Where there might have been skill was mostly failure.



“A Plague on the Genre”

Readers either become mentally disfigured for life or are put into a coma due to a nonsensical plot and bells and whistles that aggravate the senses rather than intrigues.

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