The West Coast Journal of Contemporary Fantasy is an online literary journal that was founded September 2012 and officially launched October 22, 2012 by five San Diego State University students endeavoring to carve a niche in the world of online publishing.

           “Unreal” is how we view fiction.  Literature is a way of telling the truth through a series of masterfully crafted lies.  It isn’t artificial, an illusion, or even delusion.  It’s the state of looking at the world with an added layer of “what-if?”

            What if there were vampires?  Would they get Social Security?  What if men could get pregnant?  What if the US started to become like North Korea?  What if someone had to fake their death in the Victorian era?  What if a cop got too involved with his Criminal Informant (CI)?

            “Unreality” is the way we judge the many elements of fiction.  How close a verisimilitude was achieved?  Was the fictitious world absurdist or absurd?  Did the characters feel real or were they only a poor reflection?

            Follow us on our uphill journey from obscurity to relevance and our ongoing battle with our own prose and the expanse of contemporary literature.


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