Evan Fritzenkotter’s Holiday Wishlist

Coming Soon…

The Lands of Fire and Ice (A Game of Thrones) – George R.R. Martin

Release:  October 30, 2012

Author Website:  http://georgerrmartin.com/

The Disney Middle Ages: A Fairy-Tale and Fantasy Past – Tison Pugh, Susan Aronstein

Release:  December 11, 2012


Author Website(s):  Tison Pugh – http://english.cah.ucf.edu/graduate/staff.php?id=187

Susan Aronstein – http://www.uwyo.edu/english/faculty-staff/aronstein.html


The Wind Through the Keyhole: A Dark Tower Novel – Stephen King

Release Date:  November 6, 2012


Author Website:  http://www.stephenking.com/index.html


Already Out…


The Great Book of Amber: The Complete Amber Chronicles 1-10 – Roger Zelazny


Author Website:  DECEASED

Chronicles of The Black Company – Glen Cook


Author Website: http://user.xmission.com/~shpshftr/GC/

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