The Hobbit’s Final Production Video

           Fans anticipated The Hobbit being made into a film well before Return of the King had a clean sweep at the 2004 Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director.  Peter Jackson, understanding that Lord of the Rings fans have been ravenous for the past nine years, has been craftily promoting his long awaited trilogy of films through a series of eight video blogs (vlogs) from April 2011 to July 2012.  Each vlog featured a different part of the production process from characters to locations and finally, the film’s official reception this year at San Diego’s Comicon.
          The final vlog certainly had an air of being the last wave of hype before the long wait until December.  It’s an end for the actors during the last five days of their filming, but the beginning for us viewers.  Glimpses at new characters, Thranduil and Radagast, were more titillating than teasing.  New sets for Dale and the Beournings’ home spark awe once more in an audience who were treated years ago to the beauty, splendor, and incredible detail of Rivendell and Minas Tirith.
           The beauty of these vlogs is that not only does it create hype, but confidence in both book and film aficionados.  No one could watch these vlogs and doubt that Peter Jackson, who looks drawn and haggard in every video, isn’t doing justice to the Lord of the Rings legacy and to every person who has been a part of it, from actors to best boys, to his international fanbase.
          I invite you to return to Middle Earth and see what Pete has cooking on his Hobbit Blog website and join in on the breathless wait until The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey premieres on December 12!

Click here for a link to the video, my preeeeeecious!


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