The Creativity in A Game of Thrones

Commentary on A Game of Thrones, Season 3
By Staff Writer, Cody Mauro

Just like winter, Game of Thrones season three is coming, and slowly but surely, more and more information is released about the upcoming season. Unfortunately, the new season doesn’t premiere until March 31st (Which is good for those fantasy fans who haven’t watched the show. There’s a reason it’s HBO’s most watched original series since the Sopranos and has one countless awards, including Outstanding Drama Series. Go watch it! You have time to catch up), which forces us to turn to articles and set pictures to hold us over for the five sure-to-be-grueling months until the first new episode airs. While book readers may be used to waiting, show watchers can look at this article to hold them over. It’s just about the only spoiler free article on the upcoming season. It links to a podcast and panel discussion with George R.R Martin, the book’s author, which are certainly worth the listen – it talks less about the show, and more about the extensive craft that goes into making the show and books.

One thing the article focuses on is Martin’s ability to eliminate predictability and the third book in the series, A Storm of Swords, half of which will be the basis for the third season, is certainly the most unpredictable story I have ever read. This ability to keep readers off-guard comes from his early days of writing scripts for the Twilight Zone, according to this article, because producers always asked to end scripts with twists. And just as the twists and turns of the book kept readers turning pages, the twists and turns of the TV show will keep viewers tuned in on a weekly basis. Season three is worth the wait.

Once again, you can check the article out for yourself here, and inside, you’ll find a link to the Podcast!

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